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Operational Excellence


Where Do We Begin?

We want to make sure we celebrate success – your lasting success! Here’s an overview of our process.


to the



Root Cause of Problem

Identify Root Cause


Deploy Phased Approach


Execute and Resolve

Bill Tansey

Chief Operating Officer

An Expert at Becoming an Expert

Bill has paved a long road of disruptive innovation, change, and turnaround.

When facing complex problems or underperforming teams, whether in renewable energy, subsea oil and gas, construction, manufacturing, real estate, or health care, companies have turned to Bill for solutions.

Bill’s Background

Working in both startup businesses and Fortune 200 companies, Bill was fortunate to benefit from unusual but formal coaching, learning cutting-edge examples concerning organizational change and leadership.

As Director of New Product Delivery with Danaher, Bill was exposed to the practice of Danaher Business System (lean) through Executive Champion Orientation. He later demonstrated his skill at executing that system, both at the Danaher Conference on Innovation and the Danaher Presidents Council.

After transitioning two businesses to more successful new product delivery, Bill realized that his strength in transformative change and leadership, combined with the power of Danaher Business System, was more broadly applicable.


A Time-tested Approach
to Excellence.

The Operational Excellence Shop is heavily steeped in time-tested, Fortune 50 best practices and has realized success scaling those practices to meet the needs of emerging and middle-market businesses.

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Find out how the OpEx Shop may help lead your business through the resolution of complex business problems, and change, toward “excellence.”


Bill is an expert at becoming an expert. With remarkable speed, he is able to understand complex problems and lead teams to resolution.